About Sampeel

Sampeel's tagline is "basic is beauty." To us, the word "basic" evokes ideas of stability, natural, and beauty.

Vision: Basics Worth Sharing

What exactly is the appeal of basic?

Stability · Basic

The beauty of the stability will not be diminished by shifting fads.

Natural · Basic

Fashion has another name-simple, less is more. We devote greater attention to the product itself, selecting durable, pleasant, skin-friendly fabrics, which makes you more comfortable, lighter, and liberated.

Beauty · Basic

simple and smooth lines, exquisite and simple cut, accentuate your unique beauty. Beauty isn't the SAMPEEL, it's you in the SAMPEEL.

Constantly designing comfortable, basic and affordable leisurewear that is worth sharing

At Sampeel, we make our products based on ‘ABC’ principles in mind: Affordable, Basic and Comfortable. We set the price to affordable in order to make this accessible for all. We design with the most basic cuts and colors which you can just easily grab a piece and mix it with any other clothing you want. We explore and develop soft and quality fabrics to wear without any feeling of discomfort.

Sampeel’s backdrop is “connect and share”

Sampeel connects fabric and factory

for maximum pleasure across every inch of your skin, we choose only the finest fabrics and manufacturers.

Sampeel connects design to life

The Sampeel concept approaches every aspect of life like a catwalk, from daily look, vacation look, office look. Sampeel offers a wide variety of products in line with your concept of simple life necessities and a simple attitude to life, regardless of the complexity of the modern world.

Sampeel links heart and soul

Our emphasis is on quality and taste while advocating a diverse aesthetic that encourages everyone to embrace and display their own unique beauty, while our mission is to accommodate different skin tones and the requirements of different groups of individuals.

Sampeel connects Earth to the future:

Sampeel promises to use environmentally friendly fabrics and packaging that can be biodegradable, which will be manufactured in a low-carbon facility. Our goal at every step is to minimize environmental impact. There is nothing complicated or difficult about Sampeel's products, and they are of good quality for long-term use. Sampeel's supporters have contributed to the protection of the Earth, of our future home, together with Sampeel.

Sampeel creates beauty, enjoys life

No matter what color you are or how tall you are, Sampeel has simple clothes for everyone. The point is to show your most beautiful female strength, and pay more attention to your own beauty. Your willingness to share your life and joy with us, as well as your graciousness and comfort, is greatly appreciated. Relax, enjoy, and look your best on social media or in photos with the low-key, sophisticated Sampeel products. Sampeel encourages you to propagate the concept of minimalism by becoming component of the # Sampeelladies community. Share Sampeel's relaxing power with more people, and invite them to participate in Sampeel's social network, creating a simple Sampeel world.

Strap Decor Ruched Straight Leg Pants Sampeel Online
Twist Detail V Neck Loose Two Piece Co Ord Sets Sampeel Online

We are hoping that you will join us as I research strategies for improving SAMPEEL as well as the simple life and beauty in the future. Along with that, we want to keep our bond strong.

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